Writing Prompt – The Cake

A writing prompt in honour of the new series of the Great British Bakeoff!

Hi, thanks for stopping by.  If you’ve read the welcome post, you’ll have seen that we offer a mix of posts here.  As it happens, the first proper writing post on our new project is going to be a #FlashFiction prompt.  In honour of the return of the Great British Bakeoff (#GBBO), we thought


would be an appropriate prompt.

1000 words, by Friday 9th September, 2 pm GMT.

As is usual with this kind of thing, please post on your own site when you’re ready and add a link in the comments section below.  If you don’t have your own blog or similar outlet, do send us your story via the contact form on the About page and we’ll post for you, with an appropriate by-line.  Two caveats if you want to go down this route: if you want to retain the copyright, then you will need to state this, and this is a family show, so we reserve the right not to post anything that strays into NSFW or offends against ‘common decency’.


Comments section on this now closed – please comment on any stories on the home page for that story!

There’ll be another prompt next month – watch this space!




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    1. Hi Ellen, Thanks for dropping by – glad you found us. Hope you’ll join us again soon – did you see the schedule on the welcome post? We’ll keep this updated as we go.

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