The Garden


The gardens are a testament to an unspoken social understanding of what is important. Sure, there are some things that are essential, and they get subsumed into the normality of living.  As naturally as we breathed we serviced the A/C units which kept our air pure.  As we ate, we made sure that the hydroponics units were up to scratch and operating in ‘the window’.

There were all sorts of frivolities that we could have frittered our (limited) spare time away on but, no, most of it was given over to getting the garden up and running.

We’d justify ourselves to Administrator Atkins with comments about how we were simply accelerating the terraforming process, or how we would be reducing the burden on the CO2 scrubbers.  Because of who we were, we’d justify it to ourselves, by saying that matter should be doing something!  No matter what, every atom can do something to fight entropy even if only in the short term.

But really it comes down to the fact that flowers, whether in spite or because of their impermanent nature, are beautiful.


© 2016 David Jesson

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