#SecondThoughts – Goodbye


Our first guest post is, fittingly, a riff from one of Debs’ posts.  This drabble comes courtesy of Alan Jesson (who also contributed to a #flashfiction writing prompt).  Alan’s home site is Perigrinations and Pauses, which is part autobiography, part travalogue and mostly “more or less relevant ramblings”.  I’ll stop there, lest the introduction become longer than the story!


A Drabble Goodbye

It had been quite a whirlwind relationship.
They had started off slowly with a quiet introduction, and she had very efficiently taken charge of his diary. And as he got to know her better, and to trust her more, so she came more and more into his life.

She remembered the informal things: the need to get some apples or a haircut or more milk. She organised his music: that was nice.

But now she had gone too far. She had automatically ordered a load of useless stuff from the internet. He said, sadly, “Goodbye Cortana” and hit the key.

© 2017 Alan F. Jesson

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