Take my hand!


The Prompt
Take my hand!
”I’m trying to ask you to marry me, so take my damn hand.”


“That’s not quite how I expected this scenario to go down but, sure, whatever. Go ahead!”
“Is it your aim to be the most maddening woman ever in creation?”
“Noooo. But you know I bloody hate being told what to do like that.”
“OK, but … I was nervous dammit. People do get nervous sometimes.”
“Right. I’ll – erm – shut up for a bit then.”
“So, will you?”
“Again – that’s not quite … “
“Oh for goodness sake woman, the moment’s gone. Will you or won’t you?”
“Put like that, then … s’pose so!”


© Debra Carey, 2017

PS: I’d just started when I realised this could work nicely as a drabble – and it turned out to be so.


Author: debscarey

Mother, daughter, sister, grandmother. Avid reader, novice writer, active blogger & Life Coach. Tweets @debsdespatches Life coach @ www.caringcoaching.co.uk Writes fiction @ FictionCanBeFun.wordpress.com

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