Welcome – AtoZ April, 2018

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by!  Fiction Can Be Fun is a writing project run by David (@breakerofthings) and Debs (@debsdespatches).   Normally, we each post a piece of fiction every month, run a writing prompt once a month and are the originators of #secondthoughts. #secondthoughts are reflections on writing, responses to writing and…well, take a look and you’ll see!

If you’d like to find out more/get involved, please do take a look at the ‘About’ page.

Our regular schedule has been superceded by #AprilA2Z/#AtoZChallenge: we’re doing a novella that plays out over the month.  Every day includes a prompt based on the Nato Phonetic Alphabet, so we kick off with A for Alpha.  We’d really recommend starting at the beginning as we got…enthusiastic…There’s also a summary of where we’re up to – look up there, no, top-right (for readers on their phone, you’ll need to use the drop-down menu) got it?

Normal (or at least what passes for normal around here) service resumes in May.



2 thoughts on “Welcome – AtoZ April, 2018”

    1. Thanks for the shout out! I was fascinated by your theme – I will be catching up on you Challenge ASAP.


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