The Raspberry Sousaphone

Squeak was bored. All the signs of restlessness were there: the shuffling bottom, the flollaping, the taking off of shoes… I freely admit that the majority of my attention was elsewhere, but it is difficult to explain to a three year old that you can’t focus solely on them. It was a cold day, but a warm room, and I’d rolled my sleeves up. I became aware of a certain dampness in the wrist region. Squeak was licking me. Ew. Before I could say anything, he started blowing raspberries up and down my arm. He was actually quite musical – clearly the lessons were playing off. And he’d obviously been paying attention to me: he managed to capture my favourite hum, the Liberty Bell, quite well for such a limited instrument.

© David Jesson, 2018

6 thoughts on “The Raspberry Sousaphone”

    1. Hum the tunes you want him to learn! Seriously though, I recommend looking up the British singer Nick Cope, and the Canadian Bryant Oden. Lots of great songs to sing with children.

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  1. I’m looking forward to enjoying this sort of game with my granddaughter. At the moment, all raspberry blowing is mine … 😉 And if Alan is right in his musings, I hope that grandmini-debs will be as musical as mini-breaker.


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