The Crux: Cave of Legix

Exciting news!  I entered a writing competition earlier in the year, and whilst I was no where near winning, my story “The Cave of Legix” is included in “The Crux”, an anthology of short stories from the competition.  For me, that’s a win.

The book is available in ebook and print versions, and the profits will be donated to charity.  For more details about the book, the competition and the editor, click here.  (There’s also a sneak-peek prolgue to one of the stories).

If you just want to crack on with getting a copy, see the links below.   The book will be relaeased on the 26th November and is available for preorder now!




6 thoughts on “The Crux: Cave of Legix”

  1. Yours is one of my favorites! After all the revisions and work you put into it, it is definitely a story I’d recommend to anyone. ❤ Nice work, David! You have a lot to be proud of with your fiction. Your attention to detail is fantastic!

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