Announcement: Experimental Project

When I first broached the idea of this website to Debs, the plan was that it would be a space for us to present smaller pieces of fiction that were opportunities for us to try out new skills, new ideas.  Over the last two and a bit years or so, I think we’ve succeeded in that goal.

As we stare down the barrel of 2019, I’m very aware that I have several larger projects that need some TLC, and new ideas come sleeting in on a daily basis.  BUT.  There is only so much time available and the day-job and other commitments that take priority.  I’m going to need to be careful about what I take on over the next 12 months.  For example, I’m very conscious of how stressful the #AprilA2Z is, both for me personally and for those close to me.  I don’t think I’m going to do that particular challenge this year…

But I do want something that is going to stretch me as a writer, and I don’t want to abandon offering a monthly story. Thinks.  Hmmm…And what about that adventure style story that I was going to write…Thinks.  Hmmm…

OK.  So here’s what I’ve got planned.  Over the first week or so of January, I’m going to be starting a story.  Each day, there’ll be about 100 words of text, leading up to a choice, a choice that will affect the direction the story takes.  After we’ve got the fundamentals established, I’m going to revert to a monthly installment of around 500-1000, again, each chapter will end with some kind of choice.  Each choice will be run as a poll here and on twitter.

That’s all for now!

See you in 2019!

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