Writing Experiment: Prologue, Part 2

The coin comes to a rest, silvery-iridescent side-up.

If one were to try to move around to see the reverse of the coin, one would be unsuccessful: somehow the perfectly round, perfectly forged, perfectly milled face remains facing the observer at all times.  The sigil on the surface is still indistinct; the cipher remains a cipher.

Time passes.

Somehow, not matter how hard one looks, the emblem keeps its secrets.  Perhaps it has something to do with the way the rainbow pattern that shifts and writhes across the coin. But wait…what’s this?  The coin is becoming brighter and brighter.  Rainbow light is scattered through the void, even as the coin returns to the brilliant, blinding white that it was before.

The light dims, a trifle, and it appears that the light is now rimmed, contained in someway.  Of course!  It is the sort of light that surgeons use when operating.  What else has changed?  The locality of the void seems to have changed in some subtle way.  Every sense reaches out to try to determine the change, but there is too much to take in…leave it for now.

As one becomes used to the new light, a table is revealed.  Table, or perhaps dais serves as a better description.  A block of metal, with intricate diagrams and what might be writing but, for the time being, defies description.  Small lights, in a rainbow of colours, blink on and off, forming random patterns.  This one here though, the one picked out solely in red lights, this is clearly some sort of sequence…

On top of the dais is a cloth.  It appears to be of the same sort of shimmering silvery-iridescent metal as the coin was.   There is something under the cloth, but what?

© David Jesson, 2019


During 2019, I’m going to be undertaking a writing experiment, as described on Monday.

My plan is that this prologue will shape the story; installments of the prologue will come out daily for a week or so, and then I’ll revert to monthly chapters. (The first part of the prologue is here). All through, I’m hoping that you’ll help me shape the story.  At various points, I’ll be asking questions with a choice of answers.  I’ll be polling on Twitter, or you can add a comment below.

So: What’s under the cloth?  You decide!

Twitter polls are a bit limited so I’m going to provide some options, but do feel free to add suggestions/flavour if you’d like, so for example, you might decide that a humaniform shape is definitely some kind of robot, or it’s got to be some kind of alien, or… And if you decide it’s human, is it a man or a woman?

Option 1: Human

Option 2: Humaniform

Option 3: Other (Biological)

Option 4: Other (Non-Biological)

See you tomorrow!


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