Writing Experiment: Prologue, Part 3

The form on the dais begins to move, to sit up.  It slips off the block of metal with its blinking lights.  Somehow, the cloth remains draped across form, which is no more than 1300 mm in height.  No matter.  The form lurches away from its former resting place, as if trying to get used to its shape, its means of perambulation.

Before it there is a table.  On the table there is: a flat electronic device, mostly display screen, with shapes of some sort forming and reforming; some sort of laser-pistol, metallic, aesthetic in its way, but with a certain grim functionality; a cube, which despite being able to fit in the palm of a hand appears to contain an infinity of numbers, grouped into strings of seven, scrolling across all visible sides; and finally a little package done up very neatly and with stickers in four corners, one seems to indicate an opening padlock, another a form in the process of becoming invisible.

A tractomorphic appendage reaches out and touches…

© David Jesson, 2019

During 2019, I’m going to be undertaking a writing experiment, as described on Monday.

My plan is that this prologue will shape the story; installments of the prologue will come out daily for a week or so, and then I’ll revert to monthly chapters. (The first part of the prologue is here). All through, I’m hoping that you’ll help me shape the story.  At various points, I’ll be asking questions with a choice of answers.  I’ll be polling on Twitter, or you can add a comment below.

So: What is our character reaching for?  You decide!

Option 1: The Reading Tablet

Option 2: The Laser Pistol

Option 3: The Co-ordinates Cube

Option 4: The Package of Sneakery

See you tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Writing Experiment: Prologue, Part 3”

    1. On the basis that these objects may not play any further part in the story, you are allowed to change your mind…


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