Hello! Thanks for stopping by!

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Hello!  Thanks for stopping by!  Fiction Can Be Fun is a writing project run by David (@breakerofthings) and Debs (@debsdespatches).

After five years of hosting the site, we’re going to take a step back from our weekly posting schedule to move to monthly posts as from June 2022. We’ll be posting on the first Sunday in every month, with a mixture of our #SecondThoughts musings on all things writing & reading, a focus on resources for Writers or Readers, a short story, a book review (with hopefully more indie authors put in the #IndieSpotlight) and, when we can persuade other writers – a piece on the intersections between their life and their chosen genre for #NowWithAdded….

Debs will also continue to make regular contributions from here to the Insecure Writers Support Group day on the first Wednesday of every month.

We started the blog because we wanted to practice writing stories, and to talk about what writing (and reading) means to us.  Over the last few years we’ve showcased a number of short stories of different lengths, genres, voices, and you can find these, together with all our other posts, via the Index.

If you’d like to find out more/get involved, please do take a look at the About page.  Or you can send us a message via the Contact page, or our Twitter handles (above).


5 thoughts on “Welcome”

    1. Hi Shweta! Great to have you on board :0) Hope your challenge is going well. The next prompt will be on 3rd of May – just having a little rejig of what we have planned for that one, but hopefully you’ll like it.

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    1. Hi Melanie, Thanks for dropping by and for the kind words :0) The normal schedule is we drop a prompt for a flash fiction story at the beginning of the month, write our own version for the following Sunday and then Debs and I post short stories, essays, ‘reviews’ of writing tools/advice on the other Sundays. Fifth Sundays we have guest posts from other writers focusing on how their writing and real lives intersect. If you have a look at the Index page, we have a summary of everything we’ve done over the last couple of years. Look forward to seeing you around!


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