An A-Z Journey through the Challenge: X

As we may have mentioned once or twice ;), we’re both great fans of April’s A-Z Blogging Challenge. Set up by Arlee Bird back in 2009, it’s grown like topsy since that time. As neither David nor I are able to participate again this year, we decided instead to highlight one (or more) blogs each day, to encourage you to visit, to make new friends, and to find some entertainment during the current crazy world we’re in.

Some of these highlights will be old friends we’ve made during previous challenges, but some will be new. We don’t plan to stick to any theme other than maintaining a (possibly tenuous) connection to the letter of the day.

We’re on the home stretch now with today’s letter – X

A reminder that you can find participants via the Master List, but in order not to miss any of April’s blogging riches, you may also seek participants via the hashtags #AtoZChallenge and #A2ZChallenge on Twitter.

I clearly wasn’t thinking very clearly when we set up the schedule, or I was being chivalrous…lets go with chivalrous!  X is one of the most difficult letters in the alphabet to work with.  Just 0.15% of words in the English language begin with X, although it only scores 8 in Scrabble.  It’s no surprise that A2Zers have a tendency to fudge this post with either a made up word or a misspelling – we’re all xhausted by this point.  And I am no exception!  Having carefully scoured the master-list, I could find nothing that leapt out at me.  Having come up with all sorts of clever wheezes to play with X, I still could not find anything.  However, there is some kind of serendipity, because on my Xth attempt, I found some buried treasure: X marks the spot.

So, today, I proudly (and slightly tenuously) present Tyrean Martinson.  Tyrean is presenting a novella; she is one of a handful of people who are making the brave attempt to present a continuous story, with new episodes everyday.  The link I’ve provided will take you all the way back to A, so that you can begin at the beginning.

If you’re catching up, here’s our previous highlights …

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Let us know of other blogs connected to the letter X which we should read.

© David Jesson, 2020

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