#A2Z Challenge: A for Alpha

During 2018’s A-Z Challenge, we wrote the first draft of “The November Deadline” and to celebrate that this is now (finally) out with beta readers, we’ll be producing a daily piece of micro-fiction linked to it – some prequel, some containing a detail not included in the story, some snippets from sequels currently being written.

Alpha, beginnings.

A mark of chalk, a summons,

To a private talk.

© 2021, David Jesson & Debra Carey

Author: debscarey

Tweets @debsdespatches My personal blog is Debs Despatches, where I ramble on a variety of topics. I write fiction on co-hosted site Fiction Can Be Fun, where my #IWSG reflections can be found; and my Life Coaching business can be found on DebsCarey.com.

15 thoughts on “#A2Z Challenge: A for Alpha”

    1. Well spotted Alan. Not mine I hasten to add, not a skill I’ve yet honed. I’ve managed to limit myself to a drabble now & then, but it’s a struggle 😀

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    1. Hi Stu, good to see you 🙂 I can’t comment on what was behind David’s thinking on this one… but doubtless he’ll be along in due course!

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    2. To borrow from ‘Ice cold in Alex’ (a favourite film’). no beans in this one! And as ‘The Shadow’ can attest, no demons in this story, excepting the darkness that lies in peoples hearts! To kick things off, I thought I would hark back to where we started last time – An Alpha Protocol.

      But then, I would say that, wouldn’t I…?

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