#A2Z Challenge: B for Bravo

During 2018’s A-Z Challenge, we wrote the first draft of “The November Deadline” and to celebrate that this is now (finally) out with beta readers, we’ll be producing a daily piece of micro-fiction linked to it – some prequel, some containing a detail not included in the story, some snippets from sequels currently being written.

“Oh! Bravo, Pyry! This is absolutely lovely.  I’m tempted to say that it’s far too good for Mrs Wilson.”

Pyry’s face flushed like a sunrise. “Thank you Suuriseppä” he mumbled, mainly looking at his feet.  Mike continued her examination of the carving knife that the apprentice had made. The balance was perfect, the folded structure of the metal exquisite, revealed through delicately applied acid. Juliet nudged the boy in the ribs and jerked her head

“Suuriseppä? I also made a case for it.”  This was an understatement of breath-taking proportions.  The box had been made from the same piece of bog oak that had been used to make the scales for the handle.  It could have been left at that, but Pyry had taken the time to add splines to the corners contrasting the black wood with a lighter oak, grown on the estate, and brass.  He’d also included an inlay of brass, creating an intricate Celtic knot.

“Oh Pyry! I’m sorry, you’ll have to make Mrs Wilson another one.” The boy looked worried. What had he done wrong? Mikaela still hadn’t looked up from her scrutiny of the carving knife and its case. “This is beautiful. Far to good for the likes her. We’ll keep this for one of your ‘prentice pieces.  Keep this up and you’ll be a journeyman by next year.”

Authors’ Note – Suuriseppä loosely translates as ‘great smith’, and is a title awarded to those who demonstrate unusual mastery in manipulating materials. It sits outside the formal guild structure in which Lady Michaela is senior and Pyry and Juliette are incredibly junior.

© 2021, David Jesson & Debra Carey

Author: debscarey

Tweets @debsdespatches My personal blog is Debs Despatches, where I ramble on a variety of topics. I write fiction on co-hosted site Fiction Can Be Fun, where my #IWSG reflections can be found; and my Life Coaching business can be found on DebsCarey.com.

7 thoughts on “#A2Z Challenge: B for Bravo”

    1. It does sound rather gorgeous. Oddly, I was just saying to David “and it’s not like we’re going to be doing a graphic novel” but I guess one should never say never 🙂

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    1. Mrs Wilson is a perfectly nice village busybody, who ‘doesn’t know much about art, but knows what she likes’. If appreciation of art was a commodity, she would be in debtors prison. Michaela is absolutely correct in her judgement. Angels might not weep to see what Pyry has produced, but they would at least gasp, have a lump in their throat, and be moments away from shedding a single tear.

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