#A2Z Challenge: C for Charlie

During 2018’s A-Z Challenge, we wrote the first draft of “The November Deadline” and to celebrate that this is now (finally) out with beta readers, we’ll be producing a daily piece of micro-fiction linked to it – some prequel, some containing a detail not included in the story, some snippets from sequels currently being written.

“What do you reckon, doc?” I know that voice, Charlie thought.

“It’s difficult to know, Mr… er… Blind.” Charlie couldn’t see the doctor, but he sounded peeved. “The patient’s breathing on his own, which is a good sign, but he’s not yet returned to consciousness, although there is no sign of physical injuries beyond some significant bruising.”

“It’s been days!”

“Quite so. It’s rare, but not unusual.  It’s best to be… prepared… though.”

Charlie felt his hand gripped, hard.

“Buck up old son, come home to us.”

“No!” Charlie screamed. “Don’t leave me, Uncle Billy!”

“His eye twitched then, doc.”

© 2021, David Jesson & Debra Carey


Author: debscarey

Tweets @debsdespatches My personal blog is Debs Despatches, where I ramble on a variety of topics. I write fiction on co-hosted site Fiction Can Be Fun, where my #IWSG reflections can be found; and my Life Coaching business can be found on DebsCarey.com.

11 thoughts on “#A2Z Challenge: C for Charlie”

  1. This reminded me of a Grey’s anatomy episode where the doctors figure out that a guy supposed to be in coma is actually in a state of sleep from which he is unable to wake up due to some reason!
    Nicely done…Visiting from AtoZ here….
    I am also interested in flash fiction and story writing….Will take a look at the info about those in more detail sometime….
    Sample of a flashfiction I wrote a few years ago…Would love to hear what you think – https://pagesfromjayashree.blogspot.com/2012/11/flash-fiction100-subdued.html

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks! I have to confess I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy, but I don’t think the story is any anyway unique! The question, of course, is whether Charlie is coming back to us…or not…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sad, scary, confusion for the narrator. The POV took me a few moments to realized what was really happening. I like that my brow furrowed.

    Thanks, Debs

    Liked by 2 people

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