AtoZ: ZotA

From David:
The A-to-Z challenge is old enough to have its own little rituals, and one of these is the reflection post: how was your challenge? Did you win? What went well? What would you do differently? This is my fifth challenge, my third sharing the load with Debs and by most objective standards, to quote the Go Jetters, we aced it. Not only did we have content posted everyday, but we’d pretty much got everything done and dusted before April had started. I’d hoped to post round-up posts on the Sundays, but only managed the first two of these: I’m not too worried about that – they were a nice to have, not essential to the plan. People came by and said hi, which was great: I managed to visit people and say hi, and that was great too. On both counts it was good to catch up with old friends and to make new ones. All in all, it was a good challenge. Some more footfall on the blog would have been nice, but the quality of what we had was top notch.

Looking over what I’ve wriiten above, there is definite lack of sparkle, life and a writing deadline for a nearly missed opportunity have left me without much energy to write this post, and all the words have been used up elsewhere. The road-trip beckons and I’m looking forward to catching up with some of the blogs that I missed during April. Probably best if I leave it at that.

From Debs
April was a funny old month with health challenges limiting the time I could spend at the keyboard, combined with unexpectedly heightened demands from the day job. But… it was absolutely wonderful being transported right back into the world of The November Deadline. I loved being back among the characters, it was joyous researching little bits & pieces of history to weave into the story, but most of all, it was the best experience ever to fully embrace the next book, when I’ve been holding myself back from that luxury as we’ve worked to finish the first one.

There is no doubt that the pressure of a deadline – an external one – really does get the writing juices flowing. Self-imposed deadlines can be useful, but the glare of the outside world works way better. The writing of the first book will always be associated with 2018’s A-to-Z Challenge, and it feels so very right that the second book sprung properly into life during 2021’s Challenge, when we got to embrace our thoughts & ideas and see them turn into words on a page.

My biggest disappointment is not being able to spend much time visiting other blogs, something which provided me with such great pleasure during the early years of my participation. Even acknowledging the limitations on my time, this aspect takes some of the shine off 2021’s participation for me.

In summary, as a writer – 2021’s Challenge was a real win, but as a reader – I think I’d have to give myself a “could do better”.

© Fiction Can Be Fun, 2021

2 thoughts on “AtoZ: ZotA”

  1. I think we all felt like that: with all the Time opened to us (well, remote workers, not essential staff), and there just wasn’t enough time as well. You know I enjoyed every toe tip into the world you’ve both created. So many questions. So much information, tidbit by tidbit.

    I’ve been doing the rounds as time allows me to hop to the blogs I overlooked during April.
    The perils of pushing oneself.


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