Hi!  Thanks for stopping by and having a look at Fiction Can Be Fun.  This is a joint endeavour between Debs who posts weekly at Debs Despatches about all manner of random life stuff, and David (who occasionally lives up to his other blog abackoftheenvelopecalculation and puts some numbers to a random thought that occurs to him).  They both enjoy writing fiction and wanted an outlet that wouldn’t clutter up their normal programming on their other sites.  In their own words:

Debs: An art and arts lover, I became fascinated with all things psychological and neuroscientific far too late in life to much with it, so now I simply indulge myself in its study! Like David, a life-long regular reader, I’ve been dabbling with ideas and bits and pieces of writing for the past decade, but am fortunate in having no hidden early works for family members to hold over me (just gawky photos and embarrassing tales which may, or may not, provide suitable fodder for an entertaining memoir in due course).  Flash fiction is proving to be a fun forum for learning the writing craft, as well as satisfying my pantser tendencies. As a result, I’m now putting more time and energy into outlining and plotting longer works. Let’s see if this helps my (far too) many works-in-progress to reach completion! So far they are relationship-centric and character-driven, but as I’m now enjoying trying out other genres and styles, who knows where they’ll end up.

David: I’m a quasi-academic (I work at a university doing research and more or less successfully avoiding teaching).  This is something that I’ve wanted to do since you wouldn’t believe when (except for my Dad, who still threatens to release my self-portrait, from way back, on an unsuspecting world).  I like writing, and should probably be spending more time writing up my research, but the words in my head don’t always line up that way.  Some of what I write is quite obviously parody and pastiche – many very well respected writers got started that way, so you never know… I’ve also invented #tortoiseflashfiction: because I tend to have a lot of things on the go at once, I tend not to see writing prompts until it’s too late, usually when Debs posts her #flashfiction creation.  Quite often I immediately think of something, or go ‘ooh, I would love to write on that’.  So usually I write something, and then have nowhere to put it – until now!  We’ll have to see if #TFF catches on.

Whilst this is predominantly us inflicting our writing on other people, if you’d like to join in, there are a number of ways.  Firstly, we run a #FlashFiction post on the first Sunday of the month.  The exact rules vary from month to month so do check carefully, but typically they’ll provide a prompt, a suggested word limit etc.  It might be truly flash and it’ll only be open for 24 hrs, or they might give you a week to think about it.  They also run #secondthoughts.  We don’t think we’ve seen anything quite like this elsewhere: it’s an opportunity to write something in response.  In response to what is still a little bit open, but basically it might be a short fictional response to a particular piece of inspirational writing (fiction and non-fiction), a re-review, something that an older us sees differently to a younger us or… well we’ll see where the boundaries are with time.  All the writing on #secondthoughts will be new, but on something older.

And finally, if you are a writer/blogger already and are looking for a home for something that doesn’t fit with your normal theme, or if you’re just starting to dabble with drabbles or fiddle with #flashfiction and would like a friendly forum then please fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page if you would like to submit a piece for posting.

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