Your Life – Now With Added …

Satire – from John Drake [link]
Dystopian – from Iain Kelly [link]
Fantasy (A Conversation) – from Emma Cox and Chris Marshall [link]
Fantasy – from Keith Willis [link]
Flair! The Pirate Costume – from Melanie Atherton Allen [link]
Horror – from Stu Nager [link]
Sci-Fi – from James Pailly [link]

Writer’s Resources

A pondering on polders, or Location, Location, Location [link]
Interviewing Bartholomew (Bunty) Hargreaves [link
Creating an Avatar of your Ideal Reader [link]
Managing Submissions [link]
How to select your Book’s title [link
Interviewing your Characters [link]
Edit Out Loud [link]
How to format a Manuscript [link]
Wordcloud [link]
Hemingway Editor [link]

Reader’s Resources

Read Across the UK part 4 [link]
Read Across the UK part 3 [link]
Read Across the UK part II [link]
Read Across the UK [link]
The Story Graph (or, is Goodreads dead?) [link]

Indie Spotlight

John Drake [link]
The State Trilogy from Iain Kelly [link]

Flash Fiction #FF – Prompts & Stories

Paranoia – Prompt & Story
Photo Prompt: Kitchen Witchery – Prompt & Story
Make mine a Mystery! – Prompt & Story
A children’s tale – Prompt & Story
You’re going on holiday – Prompt & Story
Project Gutenberg Birthday – Prompt & Stories
Mary-Sue – Prompt & Story
Hitman for Hire – Prompt & Stories
Journal on a Train – Prompt & Story
Expenses – Prompt & Stories
Now With Added Sci-Fi – Prompt & Stories
Project Gutenberg – Prompt & Stories
Pantry Raid – Prompt & Story
The Villian of the Piece – Prompt & Story
Valentine Photo Prompt – Prompt & Stories
Food Glorious Food – Prompt & Stories
Project Gutenberg’s Birthday – Prompt & Stories
Headline – Prompt & Stories
Photo Prompt – Prompt & Stories
Psychogeography – Prompt & Stories
On the stroke of midnight – Prompt & Story
The Feud – Prompt & Stories
Project Gutenberg – Prompt & Stories
The Thesaurus Challenge – Prompt & Stories
Finding the New Normal – Prompt & Stories
The Continuity Index – Prompt & Stories
Photo Prompt – Prompt & Stories
Project Gutenberg – Prompt & Stories
Kilroy woz ‘ere – Prompt & Stories
A Case of Unintended Consequences – Prompt & Stories
Now with added sci-fi Prompt & Stories
Cluedo Prompt & Stories
Photo Prompt & Stories
Project Gutenberg – Prompt & Stories
Fingerprints – Prompt & Stories
Enough – Prompt & Stories
Photo – Prompt & Story
It takes a village to raise a child – Prompt & Story
The Sunrise Alarm – Prompt & Stories
Project Gutenburg – Prompt & Stories
Photo – Prompt & Stories
Conflict Resolution – Prompt & Stories
Photo – Prompt & Story
Colony – Prompt & Stories
Photo – Prompt & Stories
Leaking Glue – Prompt & Stories
Project Gutenberg – Prompt & Stories
Photo – Prompt & Stories
Pigs Might Fly – Prompt & Stories
The Mondretti Cylinder – Prompt & Stories
Missing Christmas – Prompt & Stories
Picture – Prompt & Stories
New Careers Mashup – Prompt & Stories
Tortoise Flash Fiction – Prompt & Stories
Superhero in a Flash – Prompt & Stories
Project Gutenberg – Prompt & Stories
Guide to Identifying a Time Traveller – Prompt & Stories
Uniform – Prompt & Stories
A story in A-Z – Prompt & Stories
You remember me, right? – Prompt & Stories
Walking Distance – Prompt & Stories
One damn thing after another – Prompt & Stories
Project Gutenberg Birthday Joker – Prompt & Stories
What did you send? – Prompt & Stories
The Kitchen of the Future – Prompt & Stories
The Cake – Prompt & Stories

Second Thoughts – #secondthoughts

Operation Mincemeat [link]
Booker Prize Readathon 2022 – the Conclusion [link]
What’s the best use of a writer’s time – a blog or Twitter? [link]
Booker Prize Readathon 2022 [link]
From Ruritania With Love [link]
To Paradise by Hanya Yanagihara: a Second Thoughts book review [link]
Describing characters – the shallow stuff [link]
The Documents in the Case: a Second Thoughts book review [link]
Avoid. alliteration. Always. [link]
Causes of passions colouring your writing [link]
The character I most relate to [link]
The Appeal: A Second Thoughts book review [link]
How to dress your characters [link]
Utopia Avenue: A Second Thoughts book review [link]
What makes a Writing Space? [link]
What I’ve learned about writing from bad films [link]
Booker Prize Readathon: The Conclusion [link]
Writing a Family History when there’s cultural implications [link]
Josephine Tey & Nicola Upsom: a #SecondThoughts book review [link]
Booker Prize Readathon [link]
Historically Accurate Female Characters [link]
Social Media Curation [link]
How to Edit [link]
Controversial Books [link]
Translations [link]
What counts as Productivity for a Writer? [link]
Historical Fiction [link]
Writer’s Fuel [link]
On Blurbs [link]
Star Ratings [link]
Cancel Culture [link]
Older People in Fiction [link]
Banning Books [link]
The rise of Nigerian authors [link]
Beta Readers [link]
Characters and transitions to other media [link]
6 Tips for writing Acknowledgements [link]
Weighing your Words [link]
How to read when you don’t have time: #secondthoughts on audio books [link]
How to choose character names: a #secondthoughts list [link]
Covers – or what goes into making sure you book doesn’t go under(cover) [link]
How to survive #AprilA2Z: a #secondthoughts list [link] 
Mysteries & Thrillers [link]
Writers reading [link]
Feet of Clay [link]
Remakes [link]
Book awards [link]
Maps [link]
Five Gold Stars [link]
The Next [Insert Name] [link]
Raised Expectations [link]
Co-authoring [link]
Bridge of Spies [link]
All Quiet on the Western Front [link]
Building the party [link]
Seasonal Reading [link]
Writing Routines [link]
Bowdler, Buchan & Heinlein [link]
Banned Topics [link]
Female Characters [link]
An argument for adverbs [link]
Why I Pants [link]
Where Eagles Dare [link]
Writing Groups [link]
Fanfic [link]
Nigeria [link]
Fools and Mortals [link]
Dick Francis [link]
Kill Your Darlings [link]
Tricksters [link]
The Big Bang Theory and generating your characters [link]
The First Year [link]
Isaac Asimov [link]
Harry Potter [link]
Sci-Fi and Fantasy [link]
What did you send? [link]
A-Z Challenge – the third time round [link]
The Eagle has Landed: how much fiction and how much fact? [link]
Goodbye [link]
Generating your Characters [link]
Reading seasonally – does it improve the experience? [link]
Enid Blyton [link]
#1linewed [link]
David Eddings [link]

Guest Posters

Commitment to Care – Saffron Foam [link]
The Making of an Anthology – Rachael Ritchey [link]
Things ain’t what they used to be – Jeff Farrow [link]
Why I Pants – Stuart Nagar [link]
Remembering – Jeff Farrow [link]
More Flying Pigs! – Alan Jesson [link]
Tricksters  – Nerd Cactus [link]
Look It Up! – Sue Burzinski [link]
Sci-Fi and Fantasy – Alan Jesson [link]
Zinnia goes to You Know Where – Isa-Lee Wolf  [link]
Alphascrabble – Alan Jesson [link]
Scrivener and why Sarina Langer of Cookie Breaks writes with it [link]

#ISWG – Insecure Writers Support Group

Word of the year 2023 [link]
There’s no place like home for the holidays [link]
NaNoWriMo – never saying never [link]
People…. people who need people [link]
It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to [link]
Right here, right now [link]
When the going gets tough, I want to smack Billy Ocean! [link]
When a book becomes a film – who’s the writer? [link]
The making of an audio book [link]
Who’s missing from my picture? [link]
Writing regrets [link]
Does writing stress or delight you? [link]
What makes you sweat – titles or blurbs? [link]
Drawing the line [link]
Writerly Success [link]
What would make you quit writing? [link]
Re-drafting: How long is long enough? [link]
What throws you out of a story? [link]
Are some months more productive for writing [link]
What does being a working writer look like to you? [link]

2121 Re-Visiting The November Deadline

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2020 An A-Z Journey through the Challenge

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David’s Fiction

Not a big thing, but a million little things [link]
Comic Timing [link]
Filling Time [link]
Wither goest thou? [link]
Christmas Presence [link]
The Hunter [link]
December 2100 [link]
Take Off [link]
Experimental Writing – during 2019, David produced a story in monthly episodes
Prologues [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]
[January] [February] [March] [April] [May] [June]
[July] [August] [September] [October] [November] [December] [Epilogue]
Confined to Barracks [link]
Job Hunting [link]
Two characters in search of a coffee [link]
Hector [link]
What happened here? [link]
The Raspberry Sousaphone [link]
Last night I dreamt I went to Barsoom again [link]
Smile [link]
Too Far [link]
The End of the World [link]
At a loose end [link]
The Pact [link]
Fire [link]
The End of the Affair [link]
Superheroes [link]
Perpetual Motion [link]
Homehelp [link]
Ebayitis [link]
Fairies at the bottom of the Garden [link]
Feag [link]
Where are the Rules [link]
Old Friends [link]
The Garden [link]
Spaceman Crusoe [link]
Genie for Hire [link]

Debs’ Fiction

‘Twas the night after Christmas [link]
The scam [link]
All the Pretties! [link]
Cally’s Wedding [link]
Shirlyn [link]
My mother’s home [link]
Numbers IV & V [link]
Your lucky … what? [link]
Look at the moon … it’s so beautiful [link]
Designing Christmas [link]
Meeting the Parents [link]
Maggie’s Garden [link]
Anti-ageing Pill [link]
The last tango [link]
The Reaper [link]
Girl in Blue [link]
The Flowers Died on Monday [link]
New Year, new you [link]
Prophesy [link]
A New Christmas [link]
Ten Ghosts [link]
Short …? [link]
Take My Hand! [link]
Happy New Year! [link]
Trust No One [link]
The Old Gang [link]
A graveyard is an odd place to meet, yet here you both are [link]
Alphabets [link]
As I was going to St Ives, I met a man with seven wives [link]
Lunch for my Wife [link]
Two goodbyes [link]
Three Coins in the Fountain [link]
Dreamcatchers [link]
Just a Man [link]
The dragons weren’t flying, something was terribly wrong [link]

Other bits & bobs

New Year, New Fiction Can Be Fun [link]
Questions to Ask your Beta Readers [link]
The Crux: Cave of Legix [link]
#NaNoWriMo [link]
Liebster Award [link]
9 Alternatives to NaNoWriMo [link]
Happy New Year [link]
Book reviewing – the Interviews [link]

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