#AprilA2Z – The Theme Reveal


2018 feels like a long time ago.  I suppose three years is a long time really!  But the events of the last 15 months have been pretty wearing.  I mention 2018, because for Fiction Can Be Fun, this was a significant year, and the A2Z Challenge was a big part of this.  In 2018, we bashed out 40,000 words or so for a series of posts that told the story of Echo, a small group hidden inside MI:9’s Bravo Section.  World War II ended in victory for the Allies, but at a cost.  It didn’t take long for the Allies to start bickering, for the fall of an Iron Curtain across Europe.  In London, the British are starting to rebuild.  But in the East End, an old enemy is reaching out to make trouble for Echo.  Billy Blind, right hand man to de facto team leader Jack Runward, has some grim news.  Quartermaster and Armourer, Lady Michaela ‘Mike’ McManus is asked for a favour from old friend and Bravo Section controller Lt Colonel Robert Feilding. Oxford don and brilliant strategist, Cledwyn ‘Tinkerbell’ Cadwallader, is finding the spy games of his University colleagues an unsettling experience – they’re putting him off his beer…

So much for 2018!  At the end of all that, we had a story that we were really proud of, and one that we thought we could do something with.  Day jobs and other projects have taken their toll, but three years later, another 40,000 words, numerous rounds of editing, and we have a story that is going out to beta readers! Woot!  To celebrate, we thought we’d return to the world of ‘The November Deadline’, and indeed the inspiration of the NATO phonetic alphabet that we used to prompt the daily episodes.

So for 2021, join us for a daily drabble (or perhaps a haiku or other form of microfiction), as we catch up with Jack, Mike, Billy, Tink, and their friends and adversaries…

PS: Our normal schedule will be suspended for the duration.