The 2018 April A2Z Challenge

The April A2Z challange is about blogging everyday in April.  This means different things to different people… Some just blog random things inspired by the letter of the day. Others choose some extra theme(s) to guide the writing. Debs and I chose to write a story, with an added layer – read our theme reveal here!

Each day we unveil a chapter in our story of Jack Runward and his rag-tag team. The chapters are linked (however tenuously) to the relevant word from the Nato Phonetic Alphabet – our chosen theme for this year – and are consecutive. So, if you join us in the middle, you may find it helpful to read earlier chapters.  All the primary and secondary characters have been created and are entirely fictional, although we’ve made every effort to ensure all the historical content is accurate.  There are a few real people mentioned by name or in passing, but they are not doing anything out of character.

Our story opens in 1947, in post-war London …

A for Alpha
The Alpha Protocol  : Why has an Alpha Protocol been invoked?
B for Bravo
Bravo Section : Does Bravo Section have a mission?
C for Charlie
Chequebook Charlie : What can ‘Chequebook’ Charlie do for the team?
D for Delta
Rendezvous Delta : Why does Tink need to leave Oxford? Can he make Rendezvous Delta?
E for Echo
The Echo Memorandum : What will Lady Michaela make of the Echo Memorandum?
F for Foxtrot
The Foxtrot File : Jack and Tinkerbell get to work on the Foxtrot File – why was Frank killed?
G for Golf
The Golf Club : What will Lady Michaela find when she meets with the Colonel?
H for Hotel
Hotel safehouse : Would this prove a better safe house for Jack’s team?
I for India
The India Docks : What is going down at the India docks?
J for Juliet
The Juliet Jinx : What, or who, is Juliet jinxing?
K for Kilo
The 13.13 kiloHertz Intercept : the raid on the India Docks had gone badly … is it a complete disaster though?
L for Lima
The Lima Legacy : a puzzling legacy – what could it mean?
M for Mike
Mike’s Manufactorium : is it time to ask – who is the real Lady Michaela?
N for November
The November Deadline : a date, a deadline, but for what?
O for Oscar
The British Oscar Holderer : who is Oscar Holderer and why would we want our own one?
P for Papa
Papa Thames : Jack’s back – but he has a difficult converstion ahead.
Q for Quebec
R for Romeo
S for Sierra
T for Tango
U for Uniform
V for Victor
W for Whiskey
X for X-Ray
Y for Yankee
Z for Zulu

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