Writing hashtags


As a relatively new user of Twitter and a new writer, I’ve been learning about the opportunities to share works-in-progress and other writerly “stuff”. I keep writing them down in various notebooks, or useful backs-of-envelopes, until I lose them/chuck them out (no disrespect to David’s A back of the envelope calculation blog intended there). And then, in a #secondthoughts piece about #1linewed,¬†David mentioned it might be a good idea to gather them all together in one place. So, here it is … and I hope it will prove useful to more than just me.

As you’ll see, this is very much a work-in-progress. Please add information about those I’ve missed, any new ones, correct my mis-interpretations, or those no longer current.

My particular thanks to Free Writing Events who not only tweet this information daily, but so much more besides. So, for information on pitch parties, of writing competitions, twitter chats and the like – check out the twitter account above, or click on their site.

These are for WIPs only & absolutely no links, unless specified otherwise below …

#2Nights1stLine : for late night writers, no theme, simply tweet your starting point in your manuscript – hosted by monologging, Jeffrey F. Barken and R.T. Graham
: Stories told in just six words, inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s famous challenge.
#VeryShortStory or #vss : a complete story in 140 characters.
#WhosYourCharacter : every weekend, for sharing bios, inspiration and pics, hosted by Rebecca Frohling

#LoveLines : changing theme provided by Amanda Kestrel or Elle Karma
#MartialMonday : changing theme provided by Ellis Logan
#MuseMon : changing theme provided by Claribel Ortega
#Meta4Mon : for your metaphors, or similies

#2BitTues & : changing theme provided by Ang D’Onofrio
#TuesTropes : changing theme provided by Rebecca Frohling
#BookishTues : changing theme provided by Nicola Noble
#TuesTell : dialogue only, theme provided by Lindsay Pierce
#TueStories :  pictorial Рwrite whatever the pic inspires you to, theme provided by Janice Fosse

#1LineWed : changing theme provided by 1LineWedLives
#WineWords : changing theme provided by V.V. Mont and BenDavShe
#TalesNoir: optional theme set by John Cordial
#POVprompt : changing scenario provided by Lexi Lefevre
#WeirdWriters : with optional theme set by Rebecca Frohling

#FeelLines : showing your character’s feelings, changing theme provided by Emma Cox
#Thurds : changing theme provided by A.B.Funkhauser
#ThruLineThurs : optional theme provided by Madd Fictional
#ThursTale : optional theme provided by Gloria Rabil Bankler
: theme provided by A.B.Funkhauser, links OK, all genres and published works welcome.
#ThursdayBookTease : theme provided by J.M. Sullivan, include book title and quote, graphics welcome
#MissMuseMe : photo prompt provided by Miss Muse

#FP : Friday Phrases, changing theme provided by Lara Meone Savine and Oceanista-1, also see website: Friday Phrases!
#FictFri : hosted by Writing Limo Lady who polls for the optional weekly theme, pictures OK, but max of three posts.

#SlapDashSat : no rules, no themes, hosted by Madd Fictional
#SuperheroSat : for your WIP/published work extracts, graphic novel images or to discuss your work, optional theme hosted by Saturday Superhero

#SunWIP : optional theme provided by Judy L Mohr
#SaidSun : dialogue only, theme provided by Wendy Goldberry


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