Writing Resources


This page is David’s idea and creation, but I’m preambling …

I totally love this page. Me … I have scraps of paper torn out of magazines, pages (literally reams) of stuff I’ve printed up, websites bookmarked (I am totally drowning in bookmarks) and blogs followed. It’s a right mess. David … being a scientist who has to work through things in an organised and analytical manner came up with this. I am both envious and thrilled that I’ll benefit.

Please report any links/posts which have gone AWOL, and share your suggestions – for we both love having the opportunity to lose a minute or two an hour or so in browsing.


Generate your own crime fighting duo!
The Cut Up Machine (inspired by the Dadaists)
First Line Generator

Random Word Generator

Writing Events and Competitions

One of the most comprehensive lists of short story competitions on the web
Mica Scotti Kole’s Events Calendar
The British Fantasy Society’s Short Story Competition 2017 – closing date June 30th

Advice on Writing

Writing the First Chapter of a Novel Tips and Fixes
Mistakes New Authors Make How to Avoid Them
Steps to write an Antagonist you Hate
Vulnerability in Fiction Teaching Jaded Characters how to Trust
Collected advice on Pinterest

World Building

Fictional Worlds
World Building Tips and Tools
Rich Burlew’s World Building Walkthrough (written for Gaming, applicable for writing)

Coaches & Support
(inclusion on the list below is not an endorsement)

Lauren Sapala
Marylee MacDonald’s Tips on defeating procrastination
Jeramy Goble’s Publishing Experiences
Surviving the Agony and Ecstasy of NaNoWriMo

(inclusion on the list below is not an endorsement)

Hemmingway Editor (links to free online app, pay-for plugin available)
Afterwords Communications
Beta Frank Editing

Resources for Writers

Mica Scotti Kole’s List of SciFi & Fantasy Agents
Raimey Gallant’s List of Blog Hops (for Authors)

Submission Tracking

The Submission Grinder

Standard Formatting for Magazine Submissions
McIntyre’s Manuscript Preparation (via The Science Fiction Writers of America)
Shunn’s Proper Manuscript Format

Other Tools

Word Clouds


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